Vulnerability Research Labs (VRL) develops state-of-the-art technology and combines it with extensive tradecraft to deliver an unparalleled set of capabilities. Armed with this new breed of capabilities, VRL tailors solutions to mitigate corporate risk posed by progressive 21st century cyber threats.

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Developing extraordinary capabilities requires extraordinary talent. Our staff is comprised of individuals expert in their respective fields. We are a technologically deep company with experience in information security for commercial, military, governmental, and intelligence applications.

Our success is predicated on the use of specific subject matter experts, as opposed to generalists, to design and implement the solutions we offer. By harnessing the collected knowledge of our staff and industry partners, Vulnerability Research Labs is able to deliver one-of-a-kind capabilities to our expanding customer base.

Why You've Never Heard of Us

VRL does not advertise. All new business is cultivated via network of existing clients and client contacts. It is therefore essential that each customer is not only satisfied with our results, but that they are also overwhelmed by our knowledge of subject matter, professionalism, and most importantly our customer support.


Our customers place an immense amount of trust in us. They must, as we are often exposed to the inner workings of their business during the course of providing the critical advice they require. Due to this inevitable exposure to customer proprietary data, we hold all business relationships in the strictest of confidence.


Cyber attacks are carried out against corporations every day by a wide range of actors for a variety of purposes. Insiders are stealing intellectual property to sell on the black market; well-funded criminal organizations are stealing customer data to hijack their cash and credit; and increasingly foreign governments with virtually unlimited resources are acquiring sensitive dual-use technology to modernize their defense industrial base.

Operating a business in today's world with an ever-changing vulnerability landscape requires a new paradigm and a new kind of company.

Vulnerability Research Labs' information security products and services are influenced by Sun Tzu's philosophy:

Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril.

VRL recognizes that to defend against a threat, you must first be able to assess your adversary's motivations, intentions, and true capabilities. VRL's unique knowledge of the cyber armament stockpiles of foreign adversaries as well as the distinguishing characteristics of their tradecraft place VRL in a class by itself.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Vulnerability Research Labs maintains comprehensive cyber threat intelligence on a wide range of actors. The firm is active in monitoring the attack trends of highly sophisticated individuals, organized crime elements, and numerous nation states. This information is a vital aspect of VRL's knowledge superiority doctrine that permeates into customer solutions.

Malware Analysis

By studying samples of captured malware, Vulnerability Research Labs can attempt to determine its intended purpose, its author's relative sophistication, country of origin, and relationship to other previously analyzed malware.

Software/Hardware Vulnerability Research

Vulnerability Research Labs is actively involved in discovering critical vulnerabilities in software and hardware products as an ongoing part of its internal research and development efforts. VRL has teams studying next generation "hacker" tools to discover novel ways to detect their use. The results of this research are shared with customers who have made the commitment to support the firm's long-term research and development initiatives.

Cyber Risk Management

Vulnerability Research Labs' unique insight into the cyber armament stockpiles of foreign adversaries as well as the distinguishing characteristics of their tradecraft place VRL in a unique position to help assess cyber risk. The firm has experience dealing with all forms of cyber threats, ranging from insider theft of intellectual property to nation state-sponsored industrial espionage.




Interested in becoming a member of our team?

Vulnerability Research Labs is constantly searching for people with extraordinary skills to join the team. Those who are offered a position with VRL can expect not only a salary at the top of the industry charts, but also a generous benefits package.

Great hackers tend to clump together -- sometimes spectacularly so...
~ Paul Graham

VRL is the place for those looking to work with some of the best security professionals in the world on projects that will challenge you in ways you never imagined.

Current Job Openings

We are seeking subject matter experts with skillsets including reverse engineering, system development, and application development. Successful candidates have a depth of understanding of one or more technical areas that demonstrate the ability to understand, use, and modify the underpinnings of a technology.

If you feel you have the skills necessary to play with us, then send a copy of resume to .